September 9, 2019 Real Estate

Sale Asking Prices: The second quarter has seen sale asking prices in some regions shoot up with other regions experiencing a decrease in sale prices. Some of the places that have experienced an increase in asking prices include Ngong, Loresho and Gigiri with places like Kiambu Road, Kilimani and Redhill Limuru experiencing a dip in…Read More→

July 10, 2019 Real Estate

In H1’2019, the real estate sector continued to record increased activity supported by; i. The positioning of Nairobi as a regional hub ii. Continued National Government support for the affordable housing initiative iii. Expansion by multinational corporations and retailers into the country iv. The improving macroeconomic environment, with the country’s GDP growing by 6.3% in…Read More→

May 3, 2019 Real Estate

Kenya’s real estate sector slowed down in the third quarter of 2018.This weak pace in real estate, could be attributed to declining demand for homes amid increased supply of new housing units. Latest figures from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, covering July to September 2018, indicate that the property sector posted a growth of…Read More→

April 9, 2019 Real Estate

General Market Analysis In Q1’2019, the real estate sector recorded an array of activities across all sectors supported by: Continued demand for investment property from multinational individuals, firms and the growing middle class, The Kenyan Government’s efforts towards provision of affordable housing as part of its Big 4 Agenda, Continued infrastructural improvement, which is opening…Read More→

December 6, 2018 Real Estate

Several Kenyans are purchasing homes with the purpose of renting them out, as a new way to invest in today’s market. If handled properly, one is always guaranteed rental income every month. In this digital era, one of the common ways to market your property is through online listings. Take caution, though, because if you…Read More→